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Gary Belleville

Gary Belleville

Independent Sales Agent

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Industry leading positioning combined with an industry leading business model for entrepreneurs

Our national B2B Sales Team is one of the most highly skilled and highly compensated in the industry. We're moving into a high-growth phase and we need ambitious, smart, and talented people to help us reach our potential.

If you can see yourself thriving in a high-energy, entrepreneurial culture focused on helping clients manage and optimize their cash flow, TSI's opportunity could be the ideal fit for you.


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Flexibility and freedom mean you set your hours—spare-time, part-time, or full-time. As your own boss, you pursue clients when you decide. The freedom to get started as a business owner without a risky investment allows you to set your own goals and focus on building relationships your way. Flexibility and freedom also mean there are no limits on earning potential or geographic territories.

Take a closer look at the benefits that power our sales team.

  • Work part-time or full-time
  • Work from your home office
  • Recruiting is optional as you can choose to build a team or be an individual contributor
  • No territory limits
  • Set your own schedule and goals
  • No start-up costs or investments
  • Earn industry leading sales commissions (average sale pays over $500)
  • Earn residual commissions on reorders
  • Access to world-class training to ensure success
  • Tax benefits of a business (IC/1099)
  • Customer Service handled by TSI Client Services
  • Once enrolled, you can start right away

Flexibility plus scalability unlocks the potential of our highly motivated, highly compensated sales team.

Contact me to explore if this success formula is a fit for you.


Harness the Potential to Earn Multiple Streams of Income

TSI offers professionals the chance to create multiple streams of income through personal production and building a team. This leadership model allows for unlimited income possibilities and provides an efficient way to leverage a team to expand distribution and scale growth.

Leverage 4 ways to earn income:

Personal Income

When you write new business you earn a commission. As you reach preset levels through meeting certain promotion guidelines, your commission percentage increases.

Team Income

Qualified leaders can earn additional income through overrides on their downline team. This income can compound and increase your earning potential exponentially.

Expansion Income

You are free to recruit agents and build your business throughout the U.S. Grow a team in your hometown, or in other states. The TSI platform helps organize and support your business.

Bonus Income

As you grow and expand your business through recruiting, you have the chance to train and mentor new agents. As they write new business, you can earn additional income.

TSI's Recruiting Process

TSI is committed to attracting, training, and supporting the highest level of business leaders possible—for two reasons. One, our clients deserve the best. Two, the competetiveness of top performers drive a culture of excellence that mirrors TSI's hard-earned position in the industry.

  • 1

    Key attributes to find top candidates were identified.

    First, universal traits shared by TSI's top performers were categorized and measured to create a candidate algorithm.

    Those markers were then used to develop a specific search query used to identify matches in target markets.

  • 2

    Qualified candidates are filtered and reviewed for a match.

    We use a variety of sources to find the best candidates: Job boards, LinkedIn, recruiters, referrals, competitors, etc.

    Besides identifying new leaders, the filtering process also protects our expanding team members from poor-fit choices.

  • 3

    Top-tier candidates are then selected.

    One-on-one interviews are conducted with select candidates that meet our requirements for ambition, character, and professionalism.

    The qualifying process sets a standard of excellence under which right fit candidates thrive.

  • 4

    Only the best candidates are invited to join the TSI team.

    Once candidates accept their invitation to join our team, support begins.

    An entire process of training and resources are rolled out to help new agents set goals, get started fast, and plug in to our culture of leadership and success.

Have questions about our model?

I have the answers for you - just reach out.

TSI agents are empowered to focus 100% of their efforts on solving the specific, individual challenges for each of their clients.