Paulette Sylvestre

Paulette Sylvestre

Independent Sales Agent

Hello, my name is Paulette Sylvestre

I have been with Transworld Systems for 13 years. I am looking for people who like people and would like to help them with money challenges. Everybody today is looking for ways to collect the money owed them. We specialize in helping small to large businesses get control of their debt in a diplomatic way with care for maintaining their customers, clinics and/or members. If you have the desire to help people understand who they can turn to, we have the answers. Please take the time to respond so we can talk.

In The Words Of Our Agents

I enjoy being my own boss and working with clients all over the country. It's great to be able to sell a product that really works and helps people.

Lisa Swan / Joined TSI in 2003

We provide the best service and results for our clients, with a different approach than most traditional agencies. I love helping my clients and am driven by the fact that each day is mine to create.

Brian White / Joined TSI in 2002

I love working with my clients and getting their feedback and referrals. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their business and their challenges and ultimately, helping them.

It's also the ultimate pay for performance job without glass ceilings and continuing to get paid commissions on clients you signed over a decade ago is a beautiful thing!

Karen Cooper / Joined TSI in 2001

TSI has the compensation, flexibility, opportunity, track record, and momentum to help you achieve your career and lifestyle goals.